Team development and activities that create pleasure taken in one’s work

Already we have created a whole line of fun activities, and we are not at all done yet. For each time we help a company team develope we get new ideas that we incorporate into our concepts.

Our starting point, when helping to plan and hold activities in a corporate event with focus on team development, is that it has to be fun and it has to create pleasure taken in one’s work. Depending on the purpose of the event there needs to be more to it than “just” fun.

Below is shown an excerpt of the different activities, we have gone through with other corporations.
To find out which activity fits you the best we need to have a talk about what you want from team development. Call me now,+45 7020 0087, and you are one step closer to a successful event.


The team development activity depends on the purpose!

Once we know your purpose, we would behonored to compile the optimum schedule, that ensure that the team development is not solely an expense, but actually strengthens the qualifications of your employees – in just exactly the areas you explicitly asked for in advance.
Although all our activities are fun and are bound to support a bigger joy in working, they are at the same time very different – some are best suited for the highly motivated group of leaders that need to be forced out of their comfort zone, while other exercises are better suited for making a department feel comfortable anew after a series of restructurings.

What is your purpose or challenge? Call us today,+45 7020 0087. Once we have had a talk we are able to send you a written and not binding offer. If you would rather write us, then fill out the contact formula, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will take our time at the first interview since it is crucial that all those responsible for planning know the purpose – only in that way we can locate those activities that best support your aim.

teamudvikling aktiviteter

Funny money


teamudvikling og sjove aktiviteter



teamudvikling skaber udvikling

Team Trainer


arbejdsglæde kommer med teamudvikling

Music Video star


teamudvikling skaber arbejdsglæde

Concert Creation


teamudvikling aktiviteter giver overskud

Go Off Road


hvilke aktiviteter skal I have til jeres teamudvikling

Picture This


skal vi hjælpe med at udvikle jeres medarbejdere

GPS Challenge


har medarbejderne brug for at komme ud af deres komfortzone

Ryste Sammen


arbejdsglæde hænger sammen med god ledelse

Fun Kart


spændende og sjove aktiviteter

Archery Attack


spændende og sjove aktiviteter

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