Everything practical about a corporate event

As the coordinator of a corporate event there are enough lose ends to keep track of.
In the following we hope to answer some of the questions you might have and to help you make good decisions so that your next event will be a complete success.

Start with the end

  • What is basically the purpose of the event you are about to arrange? It is incredibly important to completely establish the purpose, before you start the planning process.
  • Is the event supposed to strengthen relations in your corporation?
  • Is there a reward for a group of employees?
  • Is it about management wanting to communicate a message to its employees (values, strategy, or something similar)?
  • What, if anything, is to be learnt?
  • Is it team development or team building?

Many different reasons for having a meeting might be valid, but if you are aware of the purpose of the event you will be able to design the schedule so that venue, choice of activities, food etc. support the purpose.

Be proactive

If you want to help yourself, get an early start. That way the options are far more numerous in terms of venues. The bigger the group, the more difficult it can be to find the right setting for your corporate event. You need to decide how much of it you want to do yourself; we are often hired to do activities, but are very much willing to help arrange the rest of “the package”, if your own calendar is nearly full.

Make demands

As organizers or coordinators of corporate events we solely cooperate with professional suppliers. We recommend you do the same. Examples of corporate events gone wrong or not gone well are numerous. The reason for this can be that the organizer has hired part-time suppliers for parts of the task, and if you, besides that, has had an incredible day, where everything connected, it is a shame if the only thing employees remember is that the food was cold or the awkward stand up comedian.

Not to mention the psychological or physical injuries an amateur team building bureau can cause (against which which they are not usually insured). Be sure to deal with a professional supplier, obtain references, find out who is really responsible on that day, and whether the person concerned does corporate events as an exciting part-time job or if he or she has the suitable professional ballast for handling your event.


Yes, alright; but what does a corporate event cost?

Your choice to work with us happens on the basis of a thorough offer (amongst other things), including descriptions and prices for what we have agreed upon. Once you have accepted the offer you will receive a letter of confirmation [?]. We stick to our prices! No unpleasant surprises!
From the very beginning a project manager will be attached to you, whom you will be in close contact with before, during, and after the event.

Time to get started!

Corporate events, events in general, team building and social happenings are probably the best opportunity for creating good experiences together, bonding, passing on knowledge and creating job satisfaction and motivation. Therefore, please go ahead, your work is important for the employees’ prosperity and the corporate ability to compete.

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