FunFirst by Jan Kragsig Møller

Please allow me to introduce to you…

I have been working with team building and corporate events since 1997. In connection with the numerous events I have participated in preparing and holding I have achieved a deep insight into the different backgrounds for companies’ organization of team events. Some companies want – in some situations – to arrange an event as part of a summer party. On other occasions maybe they want a team event that supports a reward for a certain division, and sometimes the purpose is to support some very specific team building for a particular group of employees.

Because I had a larger wish to tailor corporate events based on the companies’ specific needs and wishes, I decided to start FunFirst. I am incredibly proud of the fact that I have been a part of creating positive team building in many companies over the last 8 years.

But is FunFirst any different than all the others, then?

Yes, that we are. Our mantra is that the way to the goal needs to be fun and arouse joy, partly because it is nice to be happy, but equally because joy creates opennes, and opennes creates space for learning.
In order to create the most fun and most efficient team building experience for your company it is furthermore important to us that we spend the necessary time together with the company before we kick things off with tailored team building activities. That way, we make sure that expectations are harmonized before the company event begins – to the joy of organizer, participant and our professional staff.