GPS Team Challenge

“Total confusion… We can’t find our way! Management doesn’t know what’s going on, and they can’t help us with the task.”

The above is a typical quotation from the beginning of the team building activity GPS Challenge.

The teams compete in the tasks out in the field, and management tries to get an overview.

What is the game about?

The game is about gathering the most points. Competing against the clock and the other teams, the task for the group is to make the cooperation between management at ‘base’ and the team out in the ‘field’ succeed optimally in order to complete the many tasks.

At base, management have a wide variety of tasks to choose from.
It is then up to management to try to guide the team through the task and give them the best opportunity for solving it.

The teams are equipped with a GPS tracker, allowing management to follow their movements on the screen. Apart from that, management as well as the team are given some extra effects, that can help them with solving the task.

GPS Team Challenge is a hectic and fun competition that includes everybody. At the same time it is a unique opportunity to develop cooperation and communication between participants.