Go Off Road

“Go off road” is team building as well as cozyness (hygge in Danish) on a high level.

You do not believe it is possible. You flip over, get stuck, reck the car, or something even worse – but the next instant the car has pulled itself and you over the obstacle, and you are heading towards the next, while the adrenaline is pumping in your blood.

This is the experience you are getting with our Land Rovers, when you and your team choose to “Go of road.” You do not need to know anything about riding in terrain or to have fuel in your blood in order to participate. You will get thorough instructions, and the instructor will be sitting next to you in the car, guiding you the whole time.

Go Off Road is a unique opportunity to experience a day with your co-workers in which you go into the wilds and test your strength with off road driving. Depending on your goals with the event, the activity can be held as an intense team competition with different competitive tasks or as an cozy get-together day, with plenty of time for good food, a cold beer or soda, and a warm bonfire.

Go Off Road makes for a good frame for team building activities, since there is plenty of opportunity to include various initiave problems in the program. That way the team can ork with different abilities such as communication, goals setting, and values, all in a fun and involving way.

The event is held in forests, gravel pits and defence holdings. We are very willing to help put together the entire event, including transportation, bed and board, etc.

See you in the mud!

Duration: 1,5 hours up to several days.