Funny Money

If you are looking for an event that challenges your abillity to negotiate, cooperate and getting a strategical overview, Funny Money is the event for you.
Funny Money is an intense team competition, that brings the strengths of the team to the surface. Funny Money is all about making money. The team that have earned the most money when the bell rings, is the winning team.

At the start of the game, every team gets an amount of money. The team grows their capital by making good investments, solving active team tasks, by finansing and consultance.
At the end of the game we find the winning team, and perhaps some individual titles like: ”Best idea maker” ”teamplayer” or other, depending on what has happened during the game.
Funny Money is very flexible and can be adapted to what is going on in your organization at the moment. Your products can be used in the tasks. Funny Money is a 2 to 4 hour activity, depending on the purpose of the activity and on your schedule. May the best team win.… Money Talks